Gearing up for PS Comic Con

RCM_BANNER_2 - smallRCM_BANNER_1 - smallCara and bannerWe’re getting our beans, bullets, and band-aids checked out and ready to be shipped out to the desert — Palm Springs, that is.  While we’ve been busy sizing our uniforms, spit shining our boots, and polishing our brass, our BLT has been scoping out the area in preparation for the very first Palm Springs’ Comic Con.

So,  get your s–t together, Marines.  On 26 AUG @ 1600 hours , march your butt-pack on over to booth 308 and give us a big “semper fi.” (For those who are “back on the block” (non-military), that’s: “come say hello to us at booth 308 at 4:00 pm on Friday, August 26). We’ll be there through Sunday.”

And, while you’re there, pick up an autographed copy of the first and second episodes of C.G. Cooper’s” Back to War the Graphic Novel.”

David and Freddy

Regal City Media
Palm Springs Comic Con
Booth 308

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