Fred Satterfield  |   David Snelson-Smith

FreddyAndDavid2Freddy and David have been generating art together from an early age.  Their families moved to Alaska while they were young, and, as if in a creative cocoon, they created their own comic book heroes during the cold, dark winters.

Although, eventually moving to different parts of the country and launching separate careers, they have always stayed in touch expanding the creative process nurtured in that cocoon. Now as adults they’ve forged their artistic talents to produce graphics for a wide range of projects, including custom CD covers. With David’s gifts as a graphics software engineer and Freddy’s successful background in the music industry they’ve even produced albums under their own record label — Red Vine Records.

Their dream to produce and publish their own comics and graphic novels has never diminished and with the birth of Regal City Media they now have an outlet for all of their artistic endeavors.  The name is based on their fictitious comic book company they established as kids. In fact, even the name “Red Vine Records” comes from the traditional bags of red licorice they would devour while drawing their comic book characters. A tradition they still practice today (“Hey, partner: you got your Red Vines? We gotta get crankin’ on this!”) .

Currently, they are developing a novel based on a story they started when they were thirteen. A story that’s evolved to take on a life of it’s own and, very soon, (tap, tap, tap,) will burst from their cocoon!