Fred Satterfield

Freddy2Birthday: August 6
Marital status: Married to Brenda
Talents: Artist, Musician, Composer, Producer.
Birthplace: Southern California
Current Residence: Franklin, TN

My whole plan was to somehow move to New York and work for Marvel Comics. I’d spent my entire childhood drawing dinosaurs, King Kong and all things monster! Then, when David moved to Anchorage we started creating our own comic books (Regal Comics). Our humble collaborations grew wings and capes and reached for the stars until my family returned to our native California leaving the two of us to depend on the U.S. Postal Service to deliver our artwork back and forth.

My deal with rhythm also began at an early age with the bright idea to yank the rods out of my father’s suit hangers fashioning my very own drumsticks. “Harold, buy that boy a drum!” became my mother’s chant in an effort to save the integrity of her new coffee table. And the seed of that particular talent germinated. Thanks Mom, for that suggestion!

Along the way, I grew up and migrated to Nashville. There, my drums allowed me to make some records, travel the world and win some awards. I’ve performed or recorded with top artists including The Oak Ridge Boys, Collin Raye, Little Big Town, Patty Loveless, Tanya Tucker, and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Scotty Moore. Somewhere in there I’ve accrued at least 25 Tonight Show appearances, 1500 recording sessions and four White House performances for three sitting President’s. Oh, and I illustrated Jimmy Buffet’s very first T-shirt.

Yes, that T-shirt was a kick start of sorts that much later became a second vocation/hobby in graphic design and illustration. Once I eased off of the touring schedules, I snatched assignments drawing children’s books for Dalmatian Press and, KA-BAM, David and I began our collaborations anew! Full Circle, right!?

Forming Regal City Media was just the “right thing to do” and with the publication of our graphic novel adaption of C.G. Cooper’s Back to War we’ve launched our collaborations, once again, toward the stars. (“Thank you mission control.”)


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