David Snelson-Smith

David2 Birthday: September 23rd
Marital Status: Married to Robin
Talents: Artist, Musician, Software Developer.
Birthplace: Southern California
Current Residence: Temecula, CA

A childhood in Alaska can be great fun; building snow forts, ice skating to school — but the reality is: you’re indoors a lot. Picture this: No internet, No smart phone, No video games (well, maybe Pong), — THE DARK AGES. Boring, B-O-R-I-N-G… unless you have an imagination like David!

His mother was an artist who’s passion was to paint the majestic Alaskan landscapes. She taught him how to mix colors and use the various tools for creating realistic trees, mountains and skies. This magic sword helped keep the “Boring Monster” at bay — but it was a butter knife compared to when Freddy arrived after school (in skates) packing much needed red licorice, and his attache case (“Don’t scuff the leather, Mr. Bond.”) jam packed with pencils, India ink, quills, and pages of artwork he’d add to David’s. Yeah, escape into adventure (at least until dinner)!

David’s love affair with computers began after a hitch in the Army as a (hands on hips) Information Specialist. He took a position as a “Special Projects Editor” (really an “Art Director”) with an Anchorage newspaper. It was in this romantic setting he discovered computers as useful art tools (Who woulda known?)! These tools developed websites, which led to creating online stores, which ultimately led to a successful career in software development.

David returned to Southern California to “thaw out”. There, further education and introductions to the Entertainment Industry placed him in the cross hairs of companies seeking to track royalties, licenses and contracts. As a result, his name now appears on several patents for licensing and streaming video, as well as protecting intellectual property. He’s won awards for innovations involving “Authorization Algorithms”. Though this focus led him far from his artistic endeavors, he found it to be an exciting alternative outlet.

Tinkering with 3D software, game engines and digitally painting fantasy realms that would be fun to explore filled David’s creative void — but he missed the comics. Then, one afternoon, the ‘Artist’ in him received a ZAP when his cell phone buzzed. “David, how ya been? — it’s Freddy! I’m playing Knott’s Berry Farm with the Oak Ridge Boys next weekend. I’ve got a bag of red licorice and tickets for you and Robin!– Been drawing anything interesting?”

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