Scott Mo’s Diner: Blueberry Hill

Scott Mos Diner

Scott Mo’s Diner CD Jacket

Scotty Moore — Producer, Engineer

Project Description:
Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Scotty Moore has produced a new “50’s rock meets smooth jazz” style of music on these instumentals.  His cast includes Bucky Barrett (Neil Young, Roy Orbison) on guitar; Ron Fairchild (Oak Ridge Boys) on keyboards and bass; with Fred Satterfield (Oak Ridge Boys, Deborah Allen) on drums. Thanks to Scotty’s imagination and studio magic this collection also features performances by legendary sax man Boots Randolph (Yakety Sax).

Bucky’s playing is reminiscent of his days with Roy Orbison, displaying his clean crisp notes and quick picking. Ron and Fred provide the smooth jazz rhythm section wrapped around Boots Randolph’s classic “Nashville Sound”.

Regal City Media designed the look and feel for the CD Jacket, and managed the production and delivery of the final product.

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