The Dynamic Duo

Freddy and David spent much of their childhood in Alaska. Drawing comics as kids helped them deal with the long, dark winters.

As adults, their careers took them to different parts of the country. But, they always stayed in touch.

Freddy Satterfield

Freddy (as he is referred to by his close friends and family) has had an artistic flair since childhood.

Not only is he a fantastic artist, he is also a highly awarded musician, composer, and producer. He has performed with some of the best in the industry.

Drawing, however, has always had a part in his career; whether it was designing album covers or creating children’s books for a well-known Nashville-area publisher.

Freddy lives with his wife in Nashville, Tennessee.

David Snelson-Smith

David drew his first comic book when he was thirteen, when he and Freddy collaborated on a character called “The Pendulum;” a story they are still evolving today.

David began his career as a Journalist in the Army. And, later, used his artistic talents in advertising and newspapers.

Somehow, he eventually got into computer software.

David lives with his wife and daughter in Southern California.